Quilts for Cops

A 501c3 Non Profit


Quilt top and finished quilts standards

Thank you for helping Quilts for Cops!  Our Foundation relies solely on the contributions of our volunteers and people like you

who support our First Responders.  We certainly welcome quilt tops and finished quilts as long as they meet our standards that are listed below.  Please understand that while we would like to get the quilts sent out as quickly as possible, we want these quilts to be lasting, usable treasures to the recipients...we want and expect them to be used to provide comfort to these hero's during  their healing process and beyond.  They need to hold up to use and washings, which is why we have these standards.                                                                 

We do not know these recipients personally, so we do not know their likes and dislikes.  For that reason, we request the neutrality in colors and prints.  97% of our recipients are male, so we are always in need of good "guy friendly" quilts.

*  Quilts must be 60-64" wide by 80-84" long. No bigger please, as then we have trouble fitting them into shipping boxes.    

*  Please use quality 100% cotton woven fabrics.  Flannel is fine in top or backing and we actually have been using the nice

 fleece blankets on the back to send to cold states.                                                                                                                      


             * Neutral colors and prints. Tans, browns, grays, blues, black, subdued reds, earthy colors are good  choices.                                      

             PLEASE, NO novelty (unless adult first responder), sports, panels, kids or pastel/floral.  We also try to  stay away from               patriotic to not be confused with Quilts of Valor.  If using white, please use small amounts.                                                 


*  Please check your sewing, make sure no tension problems or missed seams. Tops should be pressed well, ready to long arm.


*  If sending backing with your top, please make sure it is 8-10 inches bigger in width and length than the top.                           

*  If your top is scrappy, we can usually find some binding to work.  If you choose to send binding, please cut it 2 1/2" wide and

sew the seams on the diagonal, and press open.                                                                                                                                

          *  If you are sending a completely finished top, it  has to be machine quilted.    Please use a quality batting and have a quilting             density of no bigger than 3 1/2 inch  density;  that means there should be no area bigger than 3 1/2" left un-quilted.                                                                                                

*  Binding needs to be done by machine also.  We have labels that need to go on but we would love if you can sew the binding

onto the BACK SIDE and leave it. That way we can sew a label into the binding and finishing sewing it down on the top.

Quilts and quilt tops can be shipped to Quilts for Cops at 570 SW 7th St.  Dundee, OR 97115