Quilts for Cops

Providing comfort for those who protect us


About Us

My name is Bobbie Bebereia.  I retired after 20+ years as a 911 Dispatcher at Oregon's second largest PSAP 911 center.  My husband, a Deputy Sheriff, recently retired after 25 years with a large metro area Sheriffs Department.  I was always grateful that he returned home safe at the end of every shift.  I know many are not so lucky.  I combined my love of quilting with my appreciation of all those who are not so fortunate.  It is our hope that these handmade quilts will provide comfort to these officers.

Quilts for Cops is a registered 501c3 foundation and all donations are tax deductible.

Since founding Quilts for Cops on October 25, 2016, over 450 beautiful handmade quilts have been sent to First Responders across the nation who have been injured in the line of duty.  As of May 2, 2018 we have over 60 on our waiting list for quilts and that number grows daily.